Advice for a Projector Working with a Generator
Generators must, by their very nature, respond. It is through response that they derive satisfaction from life. They’re always filled with a lot of energy, and it renews itself daily. Such is not the case with Projectors, who, on the contrary, must borrow energy from others. Nevertheless, the Projector-Generator alliance is one of the most fruitful in work and personal life. How can a Projector establish harmony with the most energetic type there is? Here is some advice: It’s essential to understand that Generators need to derive pleasure from their work. The work can be mundane or complicated: If the Generators enjoy it, they will do it till the cows come home. Try to find the right job for the Generator, and the results will amaze. Always ask the Generator questions. It sounds simple, but it’s important because incoming questions allow the Generator to analyze responses and come to the right decisions. A project plan, a new activity, or an interesting observation that you can apply to your work: Share your ideas with Generators too. If they resonate, the Generator will pick them up and start working, and the end result will be positive. Both you and the Generator will remain satisfied. Don’t try to keep up with a Generator. They have way more energy than you do. Accept that you live on different energy wavelengths and work in different ways. It would be better to try to collect your observations and experience and join them to the energy of the Generator: Work will proceed more smoothly. Projectors are attentive and observant. You see life in a different way than Generators. They just don’t have time because of the hectic way they live. Turn your attention to the Generator’s positive aspects, note something good in their work, or offer up some simple praise, and you can be sure they will appreciate it and work with even greater diligence.