Generator: The Job for You
Generators are the only type adapted to regular, systematic work. They love it: They derive satisfaction from it. It is important that they do the work they love. Otherwise, it leads to frustration and total burnout. So what kind of work should a Generator do to receive positive emotions? If you have channels 3-60 or 2-14 activated, then work isn’t just about making money. You would like to live your dreams, through your work, express yourself fully, bring something unique to this world, be creative, and continually develop. If you have channels 53-42 and 29-46 activated, then something very simple and straightforward would suit you best. Modern professions, like creative copywriter or urbanist, are not for you. That said, you do want to devote yourself to something important, something big. You need to be able to climb the career ladder and grow. Frustration and unemployment are definitely not for you. Those with channels 52-9 and 5-15 tend to choose one thing and to stay there for the long haul. You have no need for a change of activities or multiple jobs done simultaneously. It would be better to focus on one thing and develop it to perfection. For Generators with channels 50-27 and 59-6: These are tribal channels responsible for the continuation of your line and providing for offspring. They enjoy jobs related to children, the home, and comfort: jobs that satisfy the demands of these channels. If you have channels 34-57 and 34-20, your intuition and health will be excellent. And you can sense the health of others. You would do great in a position dealing with health: fitness trainer, nutritionist, psychologist. Individuals of this kind also do well in wilderness environments: perfect for mountain guides and other professions of this kind. There are many things that individuals with channel 34-20 can do: They are suited to a wide range of jobs. Try out anything that provokes a response, and you won’t go wrong. Do try to do something very meaningful, though. Then you’ll be sure to feel at peace with yourself! Of course, these are just a few examples! Take a look for yourself, give some different things a go, and listen for a response.