Who Are Generators?
Generators are the most common type in Human Design and account for approximately 37% of the population. Their life force is focussed in the Sacral Center, which is always defined and provides a constant supply of energy to bring multiple projects to life. Generators are incapable, however, of initiating. Generators want to be involved in everything, everywhere. They agree to every new project and then eventually realize it’s not for them. That’s why it’s important that they learn to wait for a response to tell them if it’s something they really need. Generators in daily life and in relationships: If Generators are engaged in something they love, the energy needed to carry out their plans will never wane. Their tenacious pursuit of excellence drives them on to achieve incredible results. Their steadfast life energy translates into consistency in amorous relationships. If you are a Generator: Grasping at everything eventually leads to burnout and frustration, so wait for a response You are here to enjoy life, so don’t do things just because you have to, or you will burn out. Trust your Sacral Center, or rather your inner response, first and foremost. Your brain will feed you a million pros and cons: Make sure you just listen to your inner voice. Disappointment is part of your development, and you can’t avoid it completely. By following your strategy, however, you can minimize it. Be active throughout the day: It’s part of your nature to be. Some advice on how to deal with Generators: Understand that Generators have to wait for an inner response before they can act. The best way to interact with Generators is to ask them yes/no questions. They find it easier to pick up on their responses and answer honestly that way. Don’t take their frustrations personally. If you are a non-energy type (Manifestor, Reflector, or Projector), don’t try to keep up with the Generator. Their energy supply is constantly being replenished, unlike yours. When you’ve acknowledged this difference and given it due consideration, your relationship will be a happy one.