Response or Mind? How to Understand the Difference
Is it your response or just your mind? A fundamental question of importance for every Generator. After all, this type’s strategy is to follow a response. All decisions that come from the mind lead to frustration and burnout. This is because Generators possess an almost endless supply of energy. When they receive offers from outside, the energy spurs them on to agree. They want it all, and they seem strong enough to do it all. After starting off down the path, however, it dawns on them that they didn’t really want it. It’s too late to back out now, though, and so it starts to poison them from within. “Action for action’s sake” just leads to dissatisfaction and frustration. So, if you’re a Generator getting to know your Design, you should learn how to identify your own, natural response and follow it. How can you know it’s your response and not just your mind playing tricks on you? The response comes in reply to an external situation. The situation tends to present itself in the form of a direct question that can be answered by yes or no. “Do you want to do this job?” Your Mind will begin to analyze arguments for and against the job, but your Response will be a simple “Yeah!” or “Naw…” regardless of the underlying logic. The right response fills us with a surge of energy pushing us into action. At times like these, Generators are unstoppable because they’re doing something they want and need. They know it’s the right thing to do, and the resulting excitement is unmistakable. When they act in accordance with their response, Generators are met by doors that open automatically and a path that opens up before them, leading onward to the prize. If you feel resistance in the form of obstacles, large or small, there’s a good chance you’re following your mind and should think twice before proceeding any further. Actions following a response lead to satisfaction and joy. Disappointment, irritation, frustration: These are the fruits of following the mind and activating the False Self. Try to keep track of these moments and avoid knowingly making decisions that bring you dissatisfaction.