What Are the Benefits of Being a Generator?
After learning more about all the types in Human Design, each type inevitably comes to wish they were someone else. Generators, for example, feel sad about not being able to initiate and having to wait for an outside invitation: “The Manifestor doesn’t have to wait to be asked! They can just jump right in!” “The Projector knows the answers to all my questions!” “The Reflector can access every type at once and can initiate, lead, and create!” “Why do Generators have to sit around and wait like a doofus?!” Yep. Waiting for a Generator, especially a Manifesting Generator, is torture. But when they’re busy thinking about the torture of it all, the Generator fails notice how much all the other types want to be Generators. Just imagine: The Manifestor has started to initiate. Because everyone else will only get in the way with all their thinking about this and that. So work gets underway and… not enough energy. The Manifestor starts to look around for some energy. And eventually, it’s clear that the reservoir is empty, and the Manifestor has to acknowledge that it’ll be months before they touch the project again. Or a second example. A Projector, especially a mental one, dreams about putting all their brilliant ideas to work. They know exactly what everyone needs to do, and how it needs to be done, and they get irritated when everything fails to go exactly according to plan. And that’s when strength runs out, and the Projector is forced to drink the bitter cup of unrecognized brilliance. Not a single type is capable of accomplishing their brilliant plans without the warm creative energy of the Generator. The world appreciates initiative, but it forgets that without the Generator, without creative hands, the most brilliant ideas will remain locked in minds and be doomed to decorate paper alone. Without the Generator: Nobody. Can. Do. Anything. Remember how it feels to do something you love. You’re cool, you’re inspired, and you’re figuring out how to do it better, more carefully, and more efficiently. You can’t hear what’s going on around you because you’re in the zone, and you just feel great. Got it? No type is capable of experiencing the entire spectrum of feelings. Think about that, make the thought your own, and the desire to be someone else will leave without having to be asked.