The influence of sleeping gates
In our bodygraph, we can observe the activation and interconnection of energy centers through channels and gates. Some gates may remain dormant or "sleeping" in undefined or open centers, and it's interesting to explore how these sleeping gates can potentially affect us. Sleeping gates possess their own unique qualities and behaviors while in a dormant state, waiting for the right interaction or transit to awaken their potential. When these gates connect with a channel through an interaction with another person or a specific transit, their dormant qualities come to life. However, it's important to approach these sleeping gates with caution. Acting solely based on the presence of these awakened qualities can be risky because they are temporary and will "fall asleep" once the interaction or transit is completed. It means that decision-making solely based on these temporary awakenings may not be reliable. Being aware of the sleeping gates within your bodygraph can help you identify the individuals or circumstances that may activate them. It's crucial to walk a fine line between boldness and consciousness, navigating through this inconsistent wave of energy. Sleeping gates may create a sense of longing or a feeling of lacking something. They can tempt you to act against your Strategy and Authority. However, it's important not to rush into making decisions solely based on these temporary awakenings. Instead, use this energy consciously and for your own benefit, recognizing its impermanent nature. By understanding the dynamics of sleeping gates and their temporary nature, you can navigate them more skillfully and make decisions that align with your overall Strategy and Authority.