What kind of work is suitable for a Projector?
Projectors are here to serve in a leadership capacity, often driving us to new, better, improved, and more efficient ways of doing things. They have unique insights and wisdom regarding how to best manage the flow of energy so that everyone benefits. Due to these qualifications’ projectors can be highly effective in roles that require strategic planning and coordination. Here are some job options that may be suitable for a them: Consultant: Projectors ability to “see the whole picture” allows them to give great advice in order to drive critical and needed business value for the customer's projects and business. Executive roles: Projectors are capable of taking decisions, previously analyzing the whole picture and defining long-term goals. This makes them suitable for executive roles Recruiter: Projectors have the ability to identify the human talent required to fill the vacant jobs that the company has. Human Resources: Projectors are intuitively able to understand, comprehend, and anticipate the needs of organizations and individuals, making them excellent for a role in human resources. Event Coordination: Projectors understand and anticipate the needs of a person or a group. Also, they are excellent at coordinating various themes at a time, this is why they are capable of planning and organizing events. Project management: having the ability of seeing the whole picture, Projectors can successfully manage projects and coordinate resources. Strategic planning: planning and executing considering all aspects involved is a great quality Projectors naturally have. Negotiation: because of its ability to understand people/organization needs, Projectors pursue to find beneficial solutions to all involved. Mediation: as Projectors can understand the different visions of a situation, and the needs of each part, they are great at finding solutions that are suitable for all. It's important to note that these are just a few examples of job options that may be suitable for a Projector, and that individuals should use the information provided by the Human Design System as a supplement to their own self-reflection and research when considering job options. These are just some job ideas, but when deciding what is the best job for each projector they won’t be wrong if they follow their authority.