Women of different types
It's often said that women are complicated in relationships. But are they? Or is it perhaps that we fail to truly understand them and misjudge their actions and feelings? Imagine if we stopped discounting their feelings and started empathizing with them. Understanding how a woman lives her life according to the four different energies of Human Design could prove invaluable. To gain a better understanding of your lady, let's look at the fundamental aspects of each energy type. This will provide enormous insight into what you can expect from her. The Manifestor woman is energetic, powerful, effective, impulsive, and enigmatic. She will initiate the most amazing plans, conversations, and getaways you could ever dream of. Go with her flow and inform her of your moves; this will make her feel more loved and respected. This practice will be reciprocal; she will, in turn, inform you of what's happening. A Generator woman is designed to live a happy, fulfilling life. Be there for her; she's waiting for the cue to take action. Present her with a plan, and she will scrutinize every detail until it materializes into reality. Assist her in gaining clarity by asking simple "yes" or "no" questions. With a Projector woman, you could have the most caring, nurturing, and insightful relationship. She is here to guide, but she's patiently awaiting your invitation. Value and recognize her wisdom. Together, you'll achieve great things. The Reflector woman is sensitive and unique. She's a passionate soul with a deep sense of the world's pain and suffering, advocating peace and prosperity. Listen to her while making plans, and respect her need for time when making decisions. So, can "complicated relationships" evolve into "flowing relationships"? Can assertiveness and empathy enhance and improve your understanding of each other? Human Design certainly provides the insight to achieve this. Both of you will be able to operate with less stress and greater success.