Great Creativity and Great Anger: Manifestor and Reflector Together
When a Manifestor and Reflector come together to form a couple, it is a stroke of good fortune: They are such rare types, and here they are together. It will be an unusual experience for both partners. Combine the Manifestor and the Reflector, and you get two power brokers at loggerheads. The first needs freedom and no one’s advice. The second is also free from attachment and craves even more freedom. The Manifestor is a lone wolf with no tolerance for restriction. But the Reflector’s need to be free trumps all: The lunar decision-making cycle and the constant conditioning of the surrounding world force the Reflector into an eternal search for solitude aimed at disengaging from all the incoming static. When a Manifestor understands the Reflector’s calling to be a reflection, there is an opportunity to clearly identify where the False Self may have made an appearance, where there was a failure to be inform about actions, or where Authority went ignored. A strained relationship with your Reflector partner is always about a strained relationship with yourself. When a Reflector gets into a relationship with a Manifestor, the Reflector experiences a burst of go-getter enterprise: Affairs are resolved more quickly, and determination digs its heels in. For the Manifestor, on the contrary, the pace slows to that of a snail. It would befit the Manifestor to call to mind Strategy number one: to inform about actions. This strategy will also be relevant for the Reflector, though as priority number two: This type needs time alone to remember what it’s really like when it’s not under the influence of its partner’s energy.