Manifestor and Manifesting Generator: Similar and Yet So Different
One of the most interesting unions. Interesting because both can initiate, but each do so according to their own strategy. Both types can initiate. The Manifesting Generator needs to wait for a response, while the Manifestor jumps right in when the thought presents itself. It’s easier if the Manifestor is a male because he initiates the relationship in a systematic way and is confident and unlikely to pull out suddenly. Which is what often happens with a Manifesting Generator who hasn’t waited for a response before making a bad decision. The Manifestor’s aura is closed: If the individual doesn’t feel like interacting, people can sense it immediately. The Manifesting Generator’s aura is open like the Generator’s. But it is easier for this type to understand the Manifestor’s aura and learn to interact than it is for other types. The Manifestor is comfortable in the Manifesting Generator’s aura because it always invites him to take part in a dialog. It’s always a joy for the closed Manifestor to bask in the rays of the Manifesting Generator’s openness. The basic thing that both types need to understand is that the Manifesting Generator is not a Manifestor: He is not looking to flesh out every single idea like a Manifestor. The Manifesting Generator needs to understand this and stop trying to keep up with his partner, and the latter should learn not to rush the Manifestor. The Manifesting Generator will initiate only upon receiving a response, so don’t try to squeeze out more than is necessary. If the Manifesting Generator is creating after having received a response, you won’t be able to keep up: The rushing stream of energy cannot be stopped. All you can do is watch the dust clouds rise around your partner. And the Manifestor will just have to go with it. The pattern looks like this: The Manifestor always initiates but doesn’t have that much energy and needs to reload, and the Manifesting Generator initiates after receiving a response but has an infinite stock of energy to draw upon. Despite the Manifesting Generator’s ability to act, it’s the Manifestor that’s responsible for the primary initiation, regardless of how great the desire is to initiate independently. Remember that your False Self is impatience, and it has to be withstood. The Manifestor has to do everything, and will, it just requires some patience. A union of this kind can benefit both partners so long as they learn to interact properly, to take the desires of the partner into account, and avoid trying to refashion each other in accordance with their own Strategy.