Life on the Volcano: Manifestor and Generator Together
The Manifestor — Generator couple can boast a surfeit of energy: Unlike Projectors and Reflectors, these two types are energy all-stars. The energies work quite differently, however, and it can be a source of no lack of questions and misunderstandings. It is the Manifestor’s nature to initiate and keep a safe distance, wrapped in a cocoon, as it were, that separates them from the rest of the world. The Generator’s energy, by contrast, is warm, embracing, responsive, and desirous of reciprocity. There isn’t a Generator alive who can force a Manifestor to be responsive. One waits for questions, and the other silently leaps into initiation without warning. One gets stuck in processes on the starting line, and the other gets angry at all the stalling. Now imagine that the Manifestor in the couple is a woman and the Generator is a man. Everything that is traditionally a part of the upbringing fails female Manifestors for fundamental reasons. How do a Manifestor and Generator interact as a couple? A general word of advice: Study what makes each other tick. It’s not a great idea for the Generator to pester the Manifestor with questions along the lines of: Can you go get some bread? A better idea would be to inform: We’re out of bread. Also, don’t expect constant openness and cordiality: That’s a part of the Generator’s mechanics but not the Manifestor’s. In turn, the Manifestor needs to inform about intended actions: They affect the people closest to them, after all. Another good tactic would be to ask your partner about everything because Generators only get to know themselves through questions posed from without. Respect the nature of the Generator’s responses and don’t try to force them to do things they don’t want to: Manifestors knows how to push, but it’s a skill better left to business meetings and work projects.