Partners for Great Deeds: Manifestor and Projector Together
As in any relationship between different types, the Manifestor and Projector will have to learn to speak each other’s language. Each type has its own mechanics and way of life, so compromises are inevitable: There’s no avoiding them. This relationship ends up centering on the Manifestor for two reasons. First, because the Manifestor’s energy automatically attracts the attention of everyone around. The second reason stems from the Projector, who is designed to focus on others: Increased partner attention for the Manifestor is guaranteed. The biggest difficulty in a Manifestor - Projector relationship stems from a deficiency of energy in the couple, as both types are naturally endowed with an open Sacral Center and have been created to manage energy and not to generate it. There is also a risk that the Projector will feel unappreciated in this relationship: Unlike Generators, Manifestors have no need to be guided by a Projector. Quite the opposite: Partner guidance is a source of irritation for Manifestors. The secret to a fruitful Manifestor/Projector relationship is a focus on something other than the relationship. If your relationship is as important to you as your career, personal betterment, or volunteer work then it needn’t limit you. Furthermore, if the Projector is surrounded by other Generators – and this is inevitable, because it is the most common type – it should be easy enough for the Projector’s nature to find recompense outside the relationship for that sense of not being appreciated. A word of advice to the Manifestor: Inform your Projector partner about what you plan to do.