Manifesting Generator: Yin/Yang or Aura Perfection
When studying Human Design, don’t forget about the Aura. You can learn a lot about a type by looking at the Aura. Look closely at the individual and try to identify their Aura. Let’s look more closely at the essence of the Manifesting Generator. What is a Manifesting Generator’s Aura like? To answer this question, we’ll consider the Auras of the Manifestor and the Generator separately. The Manifesting Generator is a synthesis of the two types, though it is also something unique and possesses characteristics of its own. The Manifestor’s Aura is closed and repelling. It is the Aura of a Warrior, always wary and always ready to defend itself and the sensitivity and vulnerability it carries inside. The Generator’s Aura is that of the Buddha. It is open to the manifestations of life. It absorbs everything around it. Everything moves forward in rhythm with nature. There is no attempt to rush or subject anything to trial. The Manifestor’s Aura is the embodiment of the quality of Yang, while the Generator’s Aura is Yin. When the two Auras are combined, you get the Buddha Warrior, a perfect marriage of Yin and Yang. Manifesting Generators are characterized by endless power, which can be difficult to control. They are distinguished from Generators by their wild and surging energy and from Manifestors by their response system. The life of the Manifesting Generator is a never-ending contest between the masculine and the feminine, between action and tranquility. The Warrior and the Buddha take turns at the controls, pushing each other to the side in the process. To avoid being taken hostage by the consequences of personal initiative, it is essential not to let the Warrior lead without having first received approval from the Buddha, that is to say, without having first received a response. Unfortunately, your open, attractive Aura will not protect you the way it does a Manifestor. Don’t forget that you are first and foremost a Generator, and your strategy is to wait for life to open a door, an opportunity for response and action. Move from Buddha to Warrior and not the other way around. By balancing the two components, you can achieve more in one lifetime than the Generator could in 100. But only if you learn to be patient and wait and let Buddha take the lead. Listen to yourself and take your time.