Who Are Manifesting Generators?
Manifesting Generators account for approximately 33% of the world’s population. They are similar to Generators in that they enjoy a constant supply of energy and make up a significant portion of the world’s workforce. Unlike Generators, however, they: - Possess a defined Throat Center that makes it easier to implement ideas - Are designed to resolve problems in the fastest way possible - Keep themselves busier than other types: Multitasking is a walk in the park - Are incredibly impatient and consider everyone else to be too slow - Work at a manic pace that leads to quicker than average results and utter exhaustion. They recover quickly too, though, and before long throw themselves back into the fray Manifesting Generators from day to day and in relationships: - When Manifesting Generators are at peace with themselves, they possess a dynamic and powerful energy that can benefit the world - The supply of energy that follows the right response is bottomless, and the speed that carries them on to their goal is incredible. Heaven forbid someone should distract them or get in their way when they are occupied - Like Manifestors, they also need to inform others of the actions they are undertaking, though it’s not uncommon for them to forget to do so - They don’t need other people as badly as the other types - a trait that is also inherent in Manifestors If you are a Manifesting Generator: - You won’t gain the necessary experience and understanding of what you really need without waiting for a response and going with the flow - You have a tendency to rush off without waiting for a response, which inevitably leads to disappointment, anger, and frustration - You’d get more out of relationships if you treated people with respect, stopped fighting for power, and learned to compromise - Don’t forget to inform people before you start acting - Don’t let others slow you down: It’s who you are, and you don’t know how else to do it - Stay active throughout the day: That’s how you bring your energy to bear Tips for getting along with a Manifesting Generator: - Accept that Manifesting Generators work and live fast and you will lag behind: Trying to keep up will only burn you out - Understand that individuals of this type must wait for an internal response before they can act - Ask them yes/no questions as often as possible: It will give their Sacral Center the opportunity to respond precisely - Don’t take their frustration/anger/disappointment personally: It’s just a part of their development. You can keep emotions of this kind to a minimum by being supportive