Manifesting Generators at Work: Energy to the Max
The key word in Manifesting Generator is generator, and Manifesting Generators would do well to remember it as often as possible. Rest assured that once you’ve started one thing, you will invariably come across something else just as interesting, and the thing you were already working on will be left unfinished. Dwelling on the details is also out of the question. You are great initiators, so it would make sense to learn how to delegate the things you’ve started. This is where the manifesting shows itself and differentiates your subtype from the classic Generator, who, once involved, can polish the project to perfection. Another workplace difference: A Generator will correct a mistake identified by a supervisor without second thought. The Manifesting Generator’s reaction is a bit different: “You want me to redo something? Ha! Nice try! I’m already working on something else!” You know perfectly well what’s essential and what isn’t, what can be skipped and what can be jettisoned. So you jettison. And some of the essentials can suffer collateral damage. A Manifesting Generator is not designed for the long game but does have a perfect understanding of how to optimize the current process, how to make it faster and easier, what time management techniques to employ, how to set goals for subordinates, and so on. There is nothing out of the ordinary in a Manifesting Generator’s having several projects going at once. Being quietly present in the moment and practicing contemplation is not for them. Being on the front lines and solving personal tasks in multiple teams is ideal for a Manifesting Generator. It’s important not to empty the considerable energy storehouses to other people’s ends. But this is also true for classic Generators.