Is it Possible to Predict Compatibility by Looking at the Bodygraph?
Let me answer like this: You can see what attracts you and what repels you. You can see what you have in common and what unites you. You can also tell where bumpy sections of road await a particular couple, what you need to look out for, and how to build your relationship properly. The more electromagnetic channels – you have one half of the channel and your partner has the other half – the brighter your relationship will be and the more creative, energetic, and emotional. Compromise channels – when one partner has an entire channel and the other has only one gate within it – will provide hints as to where you must be able to compromise and listen to each other. Dominance channels – when you have an entire channel, and your partner is undefined there – must receive a couple’s special attention: You or your partner will be living a story that is not your own. The greater the dominance, the more important it will be that each have their own hobbies and take time for themselves. You can also take a look at the total number of defined centers. If too many are open, you will find it more difficult to interact, and if they are all defined, make sure you spend time apart from your partner. The main thing to remember is that none of this will give you a definitive answer as to whether you are right for each other. Human Design cannot assume the final word in endorsing your relationship. That decision has to come from you and your partner. Follow your Strategy and make relationship decisions based on your Authority, and any relationship will be a good one for you.