How the Different Profiles Meet: Right Angle Profiles
An individual’s profile provides direction in their life. It provides a basic pattern for the individual’s character: The conscious and the unconscious are concentrated here. An individual’s nature, behavior, and interaction with society find expression through their profile. Profiles are divided into Right Angle (1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6) and Left Angle (4/1 — Juxtaposition, 5/1, 5/2, 6/2, 6/3). Individuals with a Right Angle profile have come to live out karma in their current incarnation. They learn from their mistakes, gain experience, and essentially just come for their own sake. This differs from those with a Left Angle profile, who are living out their past karma and for whom meetings are not random. In this sense, they have little choice about when relationships begin, where they lead, and when they end. In this way, relationships with individuals of different profiles also come about and develop in different ways. The unconscious in Right Angle profiles compensates for what the conscious lacks. For example, Right Angle profiles can attract others with their body. In their case, the body is wiser than the personality. 3rd Line (Profile 1/3) They are very self-absorbed and find it hard to meet new people. If they do meet someone, it’s by accident, out of the blue: when they’re standing in line, or in a cafe, or boarding an airplane, or something like that. They can hit it off quickly, but then it dies just as quickly because they fail to realize the value. 4th Line (Profiles 1/4, 2/4) Very sociable, friendly personalities. They are pleasant to meet, easy to get along with, and usually start out as friends rather than partners. Often meet through friends or mutual acquaintances. 5th Line (Profiles 2/5, 3/5) Very attractive personalities, capable of attracting others on an almost physical level. These individuals are always visible, they mesmerize everyone around them and can seem like ethereal beings. It is only natural, therefore, that they experience little difficulty in striking up new acquaintances. 6th Line (Profiles 3/6, 4/6) What sets these individuals apart is the way you immediately feel you can trust them. They make you feel at ease and you immediately want to share secrets with them. Others often expect a relationship with them to be serious because that’s the kind of impression they give off. That’s also why these profiles find it hard to forgive hypocrisy: They are so trusting.