What Kind of Partnerships Exist in Human Design?
If you connect two bodygraphs together, you get a composite, or a chart of your interconnectedness, if you will. It can give you an understanding of the kinds of relationships that can develop between people and what words, actions, and attitudes distinguish them from each other. The chart is determined by the number of open centers that remain after the bodygraphs have been superimposed, and it is the basis for the subsequent compatibility analysis. 9-0: nowhere to run All the centers on the joint chart are defined. This leaves no room for anything or anyone besides these two individuals. The partners are happy to spend all their time together and ignore everything else around them. They look for inspiration in each other. In a union like this, it is essential that you learn to spend time alone, otherwise there is a risk of dissolving into your partner. 8 - 1: have some fun Only one center is open. Relationships of this kind tend to be inspiring and have happy partners. In the very lest, they will grow in the relationship, discover new sides of their personalities together, and grow rich in exciting shared experiences. The one open center is the window through which you will interact with the outside world. It is a place for the couple to explore and gain life wisdom together. Careful, though: This center can also become a stumbling block in times of conflict. 7 - 2: work to do Seven centers in the compatibility chart are defined and two are open. Partners may have their own hobbies and themes. They can attract and repel their partner at the same time. In addition to your personal life, you also have hobbies, work, and leisure, so the relationship isn’t your primary focus. When disagreements occur, you can run off to work or something else. It’s important to learn to see and respect what differentiates you from each other. 6 - 3: better to be free There are three open centers in the chart. The partners may share little common ground and wonder sometimes why they’re even together. This is a workable option provided they live their own lives and work on their own projects. Compromise is essential. 5 & 4: not a relationship any more Five defined centers and four open. The partners will be dissatisfied with the relationship and look for something else. The union will lack sexual intimacy: Most often the partners will feel like brother and sister. Little mutual attraction is felt, and it makes it hard to build a long-term relationship. It’s a good kind of relationship for pals, where each retains total freedom.