Child Reflectors: Your Truest Reflection
The parents of a Reflector need to accept that their child is unique and shouldn’t be raised like a Generator. Reflectors just aren’t that active: They are much quieter and more focused. They perceive the world differently from others. Reflectors reflect the atmosphere around them. They come into this world to explore it. They don’t care what their parents do or don’t do for them. They only care that their parents accept them for who they are and help them explore the world and the people around them. Don’t limit Reflectors to a particular space or narrow circle of acquaintances. Introduce them to as many people as possible and stimulate them with new acquaintances, places, and activities. They need to learn how diverse and varied the world is as soon as possible. It is important that they spend as little time as possible at home: They need to get out there and see the world. Remember that Reflectors can’t be rushed into making decisions. They need to reflect for a full lunar cycle before making a decision. Parents must be patient and allow them this time to analyze their situation and self-reflect. Don’t limit the Reflector: They need to be in the thick of things to learn and develop. In spite of this, a personal space where they can free themselves from the conditioning that they are constantly amassing is also important. Let them have some private time every day. The Parents must help their children find balance and avoid growing up to identify all the world’s tensions as something inherent to themselves. They must help them understand their need to wait through a lunar cycle before making a decision and teach them to take time for solitude every day.