Child Manifesting Generators: Want it All and Want it Now
Child Manifesting Generators are probably the most energetic type of all. They are always moving, and there’s nothing you can do to dampen their energy. Either they’re busy with multiple activities at the same time, or they’re jumping from one activity to another at lightning speed. They recharge quickly and so don’t need a lot of time to sleep. Good luck trying to put them to bed before they’ve managed to use up all their energy... They get easily carried away, are interested in everything, and want to try everything. The fact they never focus on one thing for very long can be a cause of concern for parents, though in fact this is their child’s particular way of being creative and exploring the world. The things that are really necessary and valuable leave deep impressions. The important thing is just to try everything so they can find what they are truly passionate about. In the pursuit of results, children can often act out of sequence, miss important details, or show a lack of attention. When this happens, it is important that parents be gentle and not overly critical when they draw their child’s attention to the shortcomings in their work. Over time, the child will learn to identify and correct them. As a Manifestor, there is no lack of ideas, but as a Generator, there is a need to wait before making a decision. When they fail to carry out their plans or have to wait for too long, child Manifesting Generators can become unbearable because of the uncontrollable flow of energy they are experiencing. The speed of their actions and decisions can even make it difficult for a child to explain the cause of their strong emotions to their parents. In this case, the parents must systematically, patiently, and calmly teach their child to control their emotions (and refrain from judging them in the process).