Child Projectors: Young Explorers
The child Projector will seek out recognition and an invitation from a very young age. It is extremely important for parents to understand the child’s nature and not to insist upon actions that fall outside this nature. The first thing Generator or Manifestor parents must understand is that their child need not be as active as a Generator. Forcing such children to be active will have a destructive effect on their upbringing. Child Projectors need to be invited to explore life and to experiment. Take them with you and help them explore life. Show them the world around you. Focus on what is around you and not the child: By their very nature Projectors are more interested in their environment than themselves. Parents should constantly be fostering an interest in the world. The earlier the children start to study life, the more easily they will establish harmony with their nature. Child Projectors are also prone to rejecting many things and refusing offers. Parents must be patient and understand that this is also a part of their nature. Children of this kind need others, especially their mothers. The right people will help establish the right activities and hobbies. Don’t rush their development and achievements – all in good time. The right Projector strategy calls for recognizing the needs of others and asking about them, so encourage the child to ask questions, and make sure you are patient with the answers. Under no circumstances should you just ignore their questions. It will be difficult, but have patience and understand that this is how they explore the world and reveal their nature. Through questions they receive the invitations they need so badly. Most importantly: Accept that your child is not a Generator. It’s okay that they don’t want to be active, run around, play, jump up and down, and do all sorts of other things. Stimulate them intellectually, equip them to learn about the world, and they will be grateful.