Child Manifestors: Good Guidance
Child Manifestors are not the easiest type to raise: They are extremely independent, they know what they want, and they hate being told what to do. The first thing a child Manifestor needs to be taught is to ask permission. This is basically true for all children, of course, but it is absolutely crucial for Manifestors, who need to inform those around them of their intentions. This is their strategy, and it will save them a whole lot of trouble down the road. Provide the child with a logical reason for a refusal: They need to understand that it’s nothing personal. Parents destroy a Manifestor’s self-respect and contribute to irritability and aggression when they are excessively controlling and restrictive. It is important to build a relationship based on trust and respect. If you don’t explain why you’re refusing something, young Manifestors will simply do what they want without seeking permission in the future. Manifestors need to be taught proper behavior and good manners more than other children. A polite and respectful attitude will help the child accept rejection more calmly and less painfully in the future. It is also important to direct and guide the child’s energy by explaining calmly and clearly why one course of action is preferable to another. By raising them this way now, you will succeed in harmonizing their relationships with others in the future. When they’ve received the proper upbringing and come to an understanding of how their actions impact others, they become more sensitive to it and begin to inform others about their decisions. It is worth remembering that child Manifestors are very touchy when it comes to discipline. They get upset whenever they aren’t allowed to do something. It is essential that you inform them that the prohibition is being made in the interests of safety in general and not as an attempt to limit their independence.