The Reflector’s Not Self: Why Are Thing’s the Way They Are?
Reflectors are the rarest personality type. They can see right through others and identify their strengths and weaknesses.They reflect everything that comes in sight, including thoughts, behavior, and habits. Reflectors are deeply conditioned by those around them. In the company of those who are joyful and energetic, Reflectors become joyful and energetic. It’s dangerous when Reflectors grow accustomed to being with people of this kind and then the interaction stops. They are left feeling desolate: They had hoped the little slice of joy would be with them forever. Accordingly, Reflectors are continually taking on the form of others and risk becoming disillusioned with themselves. The Reflector’s Not Self is precisely disappointment. In its worst manifestation, Reflectors are driven to believe themselves to be nothing, empty, frivolous. Reflectors can also find it difficult to figure out what they really want because one day they are convinced of one thing, and the next it’s the opposite. A constant state of indecision and doubt leads to even greater confusion. By sampling the energies of hundreds of other people, they risk losing what’s right for them. The Reflector has the most contradictory of the Not Selves: It is neither positive nor negative. Frustration is not a negative feeling in itself. And that is how the Reflector is left feeling: a little dull.