The Reflector’s Aura: Exploring Space
An aura is an electromagnetic field that we all possess. We are constantly conditioning each other unconsciously with our emotions, feelings, and sensations through our auras. Each type has its own kind of aura, with its own characteristics. The Reflector’s aura is the most flexible of all auras, just like the Reflector is the most flexible of all types. It adapts to its surroundings by reflecting them and adjusting its aura accordingly. Its aura samples the auras of others, trying them on like a chameleon, though it does not accept them completely. It does so to identify the kind of person it’s dealing with. Even so, the Reflector’s aura is actually quite dense and closed. Unlike the Manifestor, it does not repel. When interacting, the Reflector mirrors the aura of the other individual, which is why others so often entertain feelings of closeness akin to that of a soul mate. One might logically ask: If the Reflector’s aura is designed to sample other auras and reflect them, why is it so dense and closed? The answer is that this way it merely samples the aura, collects the necessary information, and proceeds to make the corresponding decisions during the lunar cycle without allowing itself to be unduly influenced.