Where Are Our Love Gates?
There are gates in the Human Design system known as the Gates of Love. They are able to fully convey how we experience and express our experience of love. There are ten gates in all, and they are divided into two main themes: transcendent and mundane love. While the transcendent gates are impersonal, the mundane gates endow us with feelings for others and carry a powerful charge of interpersonal love and its accompanying expressions. The Transcendent Love Gates Gate 25 – Universal Love Love for everything in our world. This love is non-personal. Simply put: a love for everything. Gate 15 – Love of Humanity Love of humanity as a whole. Individuals with this gate just know how to love people: It’s something inherent in them. You could say you love to love people. Gate 46 - Love of the Body In addition to love of the body, this is also a gate of fears. To overcome them, you must pass from love of the body to full acceptance of all forms. Gate 10 (Reaching for Gate 20) - Loving being Alive Loving being alive in this world. Love of the world and of yourself in the world. The Mundane Love Gates Gate 10 (Activated) – Self Love through Others Individuals with this gate want someone to love them. They want to receive love. The love of others disposes to love of self. Gate 44 - Successful Love Individuals with this gate love their partner for making them more successful. It focuses on the merits and talents of the partner. Gate 40 - Earning Love This is the love of earning money for people you love. People love to earn and to give what they have earned. Gate 58 - Perfecting Love Individuals who know what they need to do to make a relationship better. They may criticize to encourage improvement: That’s a form of love. Gate 41 - Dreams of Love A love that can’t exist without sex. If you like a person, you want to have sex with them. It is also a love that creates fantasies of intimacy that you cannot experience. Regardless of who your partner is, you will dream of something more. Gate 28 - Love with Purpose Purpose is important for a relationship. It’s important for this relationship. The state you wish to experience in the relationship is a better choice than a physical goal. There’s also a fear of lacking a purpose in life or a goal worth fighting for. Gate 55 – Eternally Indecisive Love Strong, emotional love. Love without reciprocity. A love that inspires masterpieces.