Composite: Who You Are Most Comfortable With
By combining two personality charts we can create a single compatibility chart known as a composite. The number of activated centers in the composite shows us the features that characterize a particular union. The most harmonious are those where all centers are closed or only one or two centers are open. 9 & 0: nowhere to run The relationship has no open centers. The individuals involved are willing to spend almost all their time together, they feel good together, and sometimes they have no need for anyone else. This is the perfect combination for two introverts who have found each other and enjoy each other’s company. Otherwise, it can get a little stuffy inside. In the event it does, take some time to connect with others and learn to spend time apart from each other. 8 & 1: have some fun If eight centers are defined and one is open, then the couple is bound to have a theme, an outlet point for each to live out separately. This theme will help them get some rest from each other. They feel good together, have a lot in common, and enjoy spending time with each other. But there’s also one activity that each takes part in separately. And it’s good for the relationship. 7 & 2: work to do Seven centers are defined and two are not. There’s more room here for personal interests, hobbies and stuff like that. Yes, you’re great together, you have a lot in common, but the abundance of other things you’re interested in can make it seem like you’re not such a big part of your partner’s life. So it’s just important that you are able to come to an agreement and learn to respect and accept each other’s hobbies.