Enlightened or Upset: Two Reflectors Together
There is no relationship rarer than that of two Reflectors, so it can be hard to define exactly: Every manifestation is unique and tends not to be representative of Reflectors as a whole. Two Reflectors in touch with their nature will fill a relationship with joy and love provided they are both able to find fulfillment outside the relationship, bring people together, and reflect the state of affairs (All’s right with the world?). The irony is that it is extremely difficult for Reflectors to follow their dynamic in the real world. They receive support from the people around them: It is an equation with a highly unstable variable. It would be hard to surprise a Reflector with the caprices of their Reflector partner. Because they are familiar with their own modus operandi, Reflectors can help track each other’s decision-making cycle and learn to use the incoming energy to their advantage. Knowledge of the Human Design system can be helpful in this joint investigation. If either of the Reflectors are living in captivity to fear, blocks, or total conditioning by the False Self, the relationship will only intensify the state. Think of two mirrors facing each other. When light falls on them, they shine. A double darkness, however, will only descend into an abyss of fear and doubt. One recommendation can be made for a relationship between two Reflectors: Listen to yourself. In this couple, the ability to recognize how and to what extent you are affected by the outside world determines the success and peace of mind of both partners.