Little Energy or Big Advisor: Projector and Reflector Together
A union between two non-energy types like the Projector and the Reflector would be extremely challenging, if ultimately doable. The Projector is attracted by the Reflector’s uniqueness: They are incredibly rare, and Projectors love all things unusual and interesting. They will explore the Reflectors, for that is how they unlock their potential. But the Reflector’s closed aura might prevent them. Contact can be established if the Reflector asks the Projector for advice when making a decision. The Reflector will need to discuss a problem with someone else, and the Projector will be flattered by having been chosen. There is a potential pitfall here, though: The Reflector will listen to the Projector’s advice and then go off and do their own thing anyway, and the Projector might not like that. Reflectors help Projectors better understand themselves and see the positive and negative aspects of their personalities more objectively because a Reflector is capable of showing others things more deftly: like a reflection in a mirror. The Reflector-Projector couple may lack for action and initiative: They are non-energy types, after all. But if they render due consideration to each other’s features and don’t dwell on their shortcomings, they can establish a long-lasting union in spite of all the difficulties.