What kind of work is suitable for a Reflector?
Reflectors are barometers for the health of our relationships and community systems. They sample the energy around them and reflect the truth of what they see. This ability makes them effective in roles that require observation and analysis. Here are some job options that may be suitable for a Reflector: Counselor or therapist: Because of their ability to observe, analyze, and understand seeking harmony, Reflectors can play a successful role as a therapist or counselor. Research: Due to their capacity for observation and analysis, Reflectors are ideal for research processes, generating hypotheses and testing them through data collection and analysis. Writing and journalism: Because of their great ability to observe and notice details, Reflectors can play a good role as writers or journalists since they are also good informants. Human resources: Observe and understand, excellent Reflector skills, which in practice to assess and understand the needs of employees and organization, would play an excellent role in human resources. Teaching: Due to their great capacity for observation and perception, Reflectors are excellent teachers, adapting their teaching methods as required by their students. Quality assurance: Careful observers of every detail make Reflectors effective in roles where they need to ensure quality standards. Photography and videography: Reflectors have an eye for detail and a natural ability to observe, making them effective photographers and videographers. Law enforcement and investigations: As they notice each detail in what they observe, piecing information together may be a helpful skill for Reflectors to develop a law enforcement and investigation role. Keep in mind there isn't any one-size-fits-all job, career, or business, these above are only suggestions and examples of how a Reflector may use their skills in specific roles. Remember everyone brings their unique passions, expertise, and experience.