Raising a Projector Child: Tips and Strategies
If you are a projector parent educating a projector child, surely you have wondered what is the best way to support your child unfolding into the wisdom, value, and power of who he really is. Below we give you some tips and strategies to be able to help your child, you may also benefit from them reflecting and rethinking in order to begin the process of reclaiming your own Projector energy: · Projector kids have an energy need for recognition and attention. Practice with them, recognizing their talents and inviting them. Also helps them to be aware when they are being recognized for their wisdom and leadership and then invited to participate in something. Letting them know initiating and forcing things will only lead them to exhaustion and push people away. · Your kid doesn't have initiating energy, do not judge him for inactivity, nor classify him as lazy but honor his need for rest. Encourage him to take breaks to discharge energy that doesn’t correspond to him and support him in restocking and replenishing his energy. · Discharging that energy before he goes to sleep might be like reading/listening to books, music or kids’ meditations. · Projectors have a natural guiding instinct, your child will give you deep insights about how you could use your energy more effectively, they are here to guide you, don’t misjudge him as bossy but as their natural tendency to be creative in solutions. · Being a projector parent means you need help, especially for the higher-energy things that you might not always have the energy for. · Encourage them to pursue their passions and support them in their endeavors. Teach your kid to stand for his value and not settle for anything less than what he is worthy of. Your role as a parent is to support, love, and help your kid, trying your best to help them live their own story, unfolding their purpose, without conditioning. Teach them how to appropriately get their energy needs met, you support your children in growing into healthy adults who have the ability to ask for what they want and need to live their full potential.