Two Generators Together: The Imperfect Ideal
Generators are the most common type on the planet, and the Generator + Generator relationship is too. It’s a union that is exactly as perfect as it is imperfect. There is nothing more relaxing and harmonious than interaction between two Generators: They are so incredibly alike. They understand each other perfectly, and getting along is a breeze. They are both responding, and if they have understood this, ask the right questions, and wait for the response: Mutual understanding is assured. It is important that the partners respect the uniqueness of each other’s response. If they do, they will move each other in the right direction. There is nothing more honest than a response, and so the Generator + Generator couple risks being the world’s most honest. What makes the union less than perfect? Both Generators are waiting for a response – a process that can continue indefinitely. Generators also like to be guided and prefer to respond to situations from the outside, which allows more and more energy to accumulate in the process. As a result, both wait for a query from the outside and accumulate energy with no outlet. The Generator + Generator couple is better off if there are, for example, Projectors around who can act as family psychologist or counselor and ask the right questions to instigate the right responses in the Generators. Finally, Generators need people and constant interaction. It’s hard for them to spend too much time alone together. If they are busy and come into contact with a wide variety of other types, it’s a problem that can probably be avoided.