Self-projected authority
Projectors are the only types with this Authority. The essence of this Authority is to talk things out, or better still, listen to your inner reactions after talking everything out. For example, you say: “I decided to talk to Maria” and then you feel that you really don’t need to, so you find that, inside, you’ve decided not to talk to Maria. Thus, the Authority has told you that you should postpone the conversation. Or, conversely, you say: “I plan to attend this meeting” and you feel inside the need, the importance of doing just that, the desire to be there, whatever it takes. In that case, you should listen to these feelings and be sure to make it to the meeting. How to proceed: Listen to how you feel after voicing your intentions or decisions. The important thing is to factor in your reasoning, which is constantly weighing the pros and cons, and to also listen to your gut feelings.