Emotional authority
Emotional Authority is expressed in 50% of the world's population. It is manifested in the need to pass through an emotional wave before making any decision. Only then will those with Emotional Authority be able to act. They must wait out the inevitable emotional reaction, and only then get down to business. In this way, they avoid making hasty decisions that don’t produce any benefits. An Emotional Authority calls for maximum emotional clarity through taking the time to wait before deciding. How to proceed: Let’s say you were invited somewhere, offered a job, whatever. First emotions: “Awesome, hurrah! Yay!” or else it’s “Hell no! No way!” You want to immediately accept it, or reject it. But wait! You don’t need to decide right away. Take the time to think things over. Depending on how important the situation is, take a couple of hours, or days. Think carefully about everything while you wait for the first rush of emotions to subside. Only then should you decide and act.