Manifesting Generator and Manifesting Generator: No Stopping These Two!
Relationships between individuals who share a type are generally the smoothest. They already possess a good understanding of their partner’s behavioral strategy: Generators respond to questions, Projectors wait for an invitation, Manifestors initiate and inform, and Reflectors wait on the lunar cycle. A relationship between two rocket-powered Manifesting Generators can be both more and less challenging than a relationship with a classic Generator. On the one hand, you share a rhythm and move at the same pace: rocket speed. Life as a Manifesting Generator is life at high speed and dime turns. If you’ve both received a response and started to act, you know you won’t have to listen to nagging along the lines of: What’s the matter with you!? Take the promotion! Or: Don’t rush! Just let things happen! Or: Enough working around the clock! Yours will be a relationship full of energy. Such a prodigious amount of enthusiasm, inspiration, and initiative can have the opposite effect, however. You will both start so many things never destined to reach a conclusion. There will be so much fuss and delay pulling you in every direction while you live something fundamentally false. The need to work on your relationship can get put on the back burner for a very long time. What can you do? Follow your Strategy and Authority. Be sure to keep each other informed about your plans and intentions. Don’t ask your partner to do something you can’t do yourself. Remember the advantages: You are Human Design’s most durable couple. You have enough energy for children, business, travel, friends, and new hobbies.