When You’re Both Waiting for an Invitation: Two Projectors Together
A relationship between two Projectors is a rare and unique phenomenon, and it demands hard work, self-sacrifice, and a great deal of adjustment. A Projector’s most fundamental strategy involves waiting for an invitation. As a result, you can never be sure a relationship between two Projectors is going to happen. Something special has to take place, or it has to start as a friendship founded on mutual understanding, and then the union will be a solid one: Projectors tend to feel like kindred spirits. Projectors will constantly have each other in their sights but may shy away from making the first move if they don’t think the other will accept them. If the relationship works, then in terms of energy, the Projectors may not satisfy each other 100% either because they will want to interact with someone else. It is very difficult for them to be together all the time. There is also a danger that a relationship between two Projectors descends into perpetual mutual admonition: They simply cannot resist the urge to guide others. There’s a flip side here too: No one understands a Projector better than a Projector, so their relationship can attain much greater depth than that of, say, two Generators. At the end of the day, any relationship based on understanding and acceptance can be harmonious: The main thing is understanding and commitment.